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Datura is an unfinished game set in 1692 Jamaica immediately before the earthquake that leveled Port Royal. It was in progress through much of 2004 and was set aside in favor of other projects when Inform 7 became available.

Though it is incomplete, quite a lot of research went into the setting: the building in the story actually existed and was on a particular street that was leveled shortly thereafter. The major NPCs are also based, though rather more fancifully, on specific individuals. Of particular interest are Mary Carleton, who lied about her identity to make several advantageous marriages, and the female playwright Aphra Behn.

A few notes to help find content:

Scrying. To scry, place an object on the stand in the Pentagonal Work- room, then look at the seawater. The relic, the watch, the box of grey powder, the green glass bottle, and the silver ring will all produce results when scrying.

Timed scene. At a certain point in the current implementation, the player is automatically whisked away to a scene involving Perez. This was originally meant to be a late-game scene but wound up triggering this way for testing reasons. You can wait the scene out and then return to the workroom to go on with the game.

There is no end-state to achieve, but when you've seen the five scrying scenes and the timed scenes, you've encountered all the plot content that is currently possible to reach.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
TagsText based
Average sessionA few minutes

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This is a file for z-machine interpreters. Zoom, Gargoyle, et al should handle it.


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